Film show: Romance and wrought iron in period piece ‘Eiffel’


Issued on: 13/10/2021 – 16:01

Film critic Lisa Nesselson tells us about the impressive special effects that recreate the construction of the Eiffel Tower on the big screen, and why she was charmed by central performances from Romain Duris and Emma Mackey in French film “Eiffel”.

We also find out more about Ridley Scott’s medieval epic, as “The Last Duel” hits French screens, with Matt Damon, Adam Driver and Jodie Comer grappling with questions of love, honour and royal protocol.

We then revisit a Norwegian film that was lauded at the Cannes Film festival for its sensitive handling of a young woman’s existential malaise. “The Worst Person in The World” saw Renate Reinsve pick up the Best Actress trophy at the festival in July.

And “The Battle of Algiers” returns to the cinema, 55 years after this highly political film was banned from French screens. We discuss its impact and its legacy in the 21st century.


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